Kabul Party Hostel

Booking Terms & Conditions

Policy on making a booking:
Making a booking at Kabul Party Hostel is very straightforward. On our web page Kabul you can make a booking 24 hours. We offer different types of bedrooms and other extra services.
When you make a booking it is obligatory that you give us your credit or debit card number to guarantee the total amount due and confirmed on making your booking.
In the moment of your check in you will have to provide proper identification with a document valid in Spain – current passport or Spanish national identity card, or of one of the countries of the Schengel area.

Reception Hours:
Open 24 hours.


Arrivals can be admitted from 14:00 onwards (2 p.m. in the afternoon).

Checking out:
Leaving the hostel shall be made effective by 11:00 a.m. in the morning.
You will continue to be able to quietly enjoy the common areas of our hostel for the rest of the day, without having to pay any additional cost. We have available luggage storage where you will be able to keep your luggage at a cost of € 1.5 per day.

Leaving the hostel late:
However, if you are planning to sleep in until late on the day of departure you can contract our leaving late service. You will be able to sleep in until 13.00 hours. You should contract this service in the moment of making your check in; the cost is € 5.
If you do not make effective your leaving before 11 a.m., automatically these € 5 shall be kept as they correspond to the late leaving service.
If you do not leave before 13 hours, Kabul Party Hostel reserves the right to charge your credit card with the amount corresponding to the late leaving.

Security Deposit:
Remember that it is obligatory to make a security deposit in the moment of checking in. This deposit shall be in cash and for a value of € 10 Euros. They shall be paid back on your departure, provided that it is on time.
The security deposit shall not be returned to the guests in the following conditions:
In case key losing.
Cause damages in the hostel installations.
In case not checking out before 1 pm.

Included in the price:
A bed in the selected bedroom
Secure cupboard
Bottom sheet, pillow with pillow case and a blanket.
The right to enjoy a free breakfast.
High speed wifi internet connection.
Use of the common areas, lobby and terrace.

Policy on cancelling your booking:
Making a booking: free cancelation
Remember that cancelations are only accepted by email and they must be received by us at least 24 hours before due arrival. In the case that you do not make the cancelation, or your cancelation is late, the price of the first night shall be retained by the hostel as a penalty for not having notified the cancellation correctly. They shall be no exceptions to this rule.

Making a “no refund” booking:
On making a no refund bookings, there is a rate 10% below the current valid rate. This type of booking shall be made on confirming the booking. If you make a no refund booking this means that you shall maintain your booking, confirming it by making the payment. This shall be made automatically.
In the case that your card could not cover the amount confirmed, we ask you to put this right and that you give us another card so that we can charge this amount. After the passing of this time limit, if this charge cannot be correctly made, your booking shall be rendered void.

Modifying a booking made:
Remember that to modify a booking it is obligatory to send an email in which you indicate the number of your booking and you clearly specify the changes you wish to make, giving at least 24 hours notice before the day of arrival. A booking is considered modified when Kabul Party Hostel receives the confirmation of the new booking.

Rights of admission:
We work for the welfare and well-being of all guests and hostel staff, bearing in mind that our principal objective is to offer a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for everybody. Maintaining the respect and good relations with all clients and the staff on an equal basis is part of our policy. We believe that mutual respect is vital and fundamental in order to ensure we offer an exceptional service. This is the secret of a healthy atmosphere and that the guests and staff may enjoy a pleasant stay. Therefore we inform you that we reserve the right of admittance and we shall be able to reject providing this service – staying in the hostel – in the case of unsuitable or unacceptable behavior. Any guest or guests who create this situation shall leave the hostel on our discretion, if it were necessary.

Circumstances of force majeure:
Except in the cases that the opposite is indicated, we regret to inform you that we accept no responsibility or liability and cannot offer an indemnity if it were the case that we could not make effective our obligations to you or those accompanying you due to force majeure. For this purpose, “forcé majeure” is considered any event or happening that our company or another supplier cannot foresee or avoid even with all necessary and due diligence. These events may include war or the threat of war, disturbances, civil conflicts, terrorist activities or threats, industrial disputes or conflicts, natural or nuclear disasters, adverse weather conditions, fires and all similar events out of our control. These events are not limited to those described in the list.