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KABUL BACKPACKERS HOSTEL, SL (hereinafter, the Kabul), with its Registered Head Office at Plaza Real 17, 08002 in Barcelona and having the email address info@kabul.es, holder of national tax number B65766180, and inscribed in the Companies Register of Barcelona, volume 43.118, Sheet 177, page number B-422712, declares that they will respect and comply with the dispositions set out in the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December for Data Protection regarding the people. To achieve this objective, we inform you of our policy of data protection so that you can freely decide if you wish to give your personal data to Kabul.

Kabul informs you that your personal data introduced through our web page http://www.kabul.es (hereinafter the portal), as well as all the data you may provide in the future within the context of your relationship with this entity, shall be collected together in the files of Kabul, who shall also be the party to receive this data. These files are for the purpose of correctly managing, organizing and offering the services and products that you demand or contract through our portal at Kabul, to facilitate compliance with the execution of the services that you may request, to get to know better your tastes and opinions with respect to the services of Kabul and to make them a better match for your preferences. In addition we wish to offer you new services and send you commercial information related to the novelties and promotions of Kabul.

Except in the fields that expressly set out the contrary, the answers to the questions on personal data are voluntary, and the failure to answer a question shall not mean a lowering in the quality of the services you request. Not filling out any of the fields designated as obligatory or the giving of incorrect data shall make it impossible that Kabul can offer you the services requested by you.

In addition, in the quest for total transparency in relation to the user, Kabul informs you of the use in this portal of other I. T. mechanisms related to personal data, such as cookies and logs.

Cookies are messages sent by the server to the user’s PC; they consist of text files that are stored in the PC’s memory and which gather information related to the web pages visited by the user. The cookies are sent back to the server once the user entered in the web page.

The objective of the cookies from Kabul is to personalize the services we offer you, providing you with information that may interest you. if you do not want them – the cookies – in your hard disc, you can set up your PC’s navigator so that it does not receive them. However, we have to state that the quality of the portal’s working may be reduced.

The cookies are associated only with the autonomous user and his or her PC, and on their own they do not provide personal data on the client, nor can they read data from the hard disc, nor do they read the cookie files created by other suppliers.

The logs are files stored in the server of Kabul that record data on their navigation. Their principal function is to collect information on the operations you have carried out. They also enable us to continue offering you the services you ask for, to get to know better your preferences and to offer you other services that could fit your tastes. In addition they help us to analyze the functioning of the system, locate any incidences and problems that may emerge and solve them in the briefest time possible.

You are able to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to your personal data on record in the files of Kabul, asking for the foregoing modification in the legal forms established by any medium that puts on record that the user’s demand has been sent and received. To exercise your rights, you should address yourself in writing to the address of Kabul indicated on this Privacy policy or to the email address info@kabul.es.

Kabul upholds the protection levels of the personal data in accordance with the Royal Decree 1720/2007, and has established the technical means within its reach so as to avoid the loss, poor use, alteration, or authorized access and the robbery of data provided by you to Kabul, without prejudice to the fact that the means of security in Internet can be broken.

Kabul reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy and to adapt it to new legislation, jurisprudence and to the interpretation of the Agency for Data Protection.

This Privacy policy can be complemented by any other clauses of general conditions of access to determined services, in the case that this access represents a specialty in the material of personal data protection. In all cases, these specialties will not be applied to your personal data if you do not accept the mentioned clauses.




KABUL BACKPACKERS HOSTEL, SL (hereinafter, the Kabul), is a Spanish company with its Registered Head Office at Plaza Real 17, 08002 in Barcelona and the email address info@kabul.es, holder of national tax number B65766180, and inscribed in the Companies Register of Barcelona, volume 43.118, Sheet 177, page number B-422712,


KABUL BACKPACKERS HOSTEL, SL informs you that access to and the use of the webpage page http://www.kabul.es and all the sub-domains and directories included in the same (hereinafter referred to together as the portal), as well as the products and services which can be obtained through it, are subject to the terms set out in the legal information, without prejudice to the fact that access to some products or services may mean that it is necessary to accept the additional general conditions.

Therefore if the considerations set out in the legal information are not accepted by you, we would ask you not to use the portal as any use that you may make of the same or of the services included in it will imply that you accept the legal terms brought together in this text.

The portal has the objective of promoting the activities carried out by Kabul and the products it is commercializing. Therefore the information contained in it, except if the contrary is declared, is only for promotional effects, or when it is the case, a mere invitation to enter into a contract. In no way does it constitute a binding offer. All the products and services contained in the portal are commercialized or offered by Kabul in agreement with the informed normative.

Kabul reserves the right to carry out changes in the portal without giving warning in advance, with the objective of updating, correcting, modifying, enlarging or eliminating the contents of the portal or of its design. The contents of the portal are updated regularly. As the updating of the information is not immediate, we would suggest that you always check that the information contained on the webpage is valid and exact.

The conditions and terms set out in this Advice and Warning may change, and therefore we would invite you to revise these terms when you again visit the portal or request a new service. In addition this legal advice and information should be understood without prejudice to any other general conditions that regulate the access to specific goods and services of the portal.


Kabul facilitates access to other web pages we consider could be of your interest. The objective of these links is only to aid you in the search for resources of your interest through Internet. Nevertheless, these pages do not belong to Kabul, or does Kabul revise the contents, and therefore, Kabul cannot be responsible for the same, or for the good working of the linked page, or for possible harm that may arise from access or use of the same.

The link with any web page or any email address of the portal is not linked to shall not e permitted, except with the express authorization in writing of Kabul. In addition, these links shall respect the following conditions:

(a) links may only be made with the Home Page or main page of this web;

(b) the establishment shall not suppose or mean there is any type of agreement, contract, sponsorship or recommendation by Kabul of the page to which it is linked.

At any time, Kabul shall be entitled to withdraw the authorization mentioned in the previous paragraph, without stating any cause. In this case, the page that has realized the link should proceed to its immediate elimination, as soon as it receives the notification that Kabul has revoked its authorization.


Kabul expressly forbids the realization of framings or the use by third parties of any other mechanisms that alter the design, original configuration, or contents of its portal.


Advertising and publicity of Kabul will be installed on the portal, and advertising from third party companies we consider could be of interest to you.

Without prejudice to what is established in the policy of privacy, Kabul undertakes not to provide your information to any of the advertisers, except for anonymous data on the use of the website, with the objective of improving the service and offering products that meet the expectations of the users.

Nevertheless, Kabul informs you that the advertisers and suppliers, by means of the cookies, can obtain information on you, on the use you make of the services and how you navigate the net. As Kabul does not have a link with the uses the advertiser may make of this information, Kabul cannot and does not accept any responsibility for the consequences that may arise from these uses, nor for the collecting of this information.


Kabul complies with the Organic Law 15/1999 for the Protection of Personal Data and with any other valid and in force normative related to this matter, and Kabul has a policy of privacy on [1] the personal data, in which it principally describes the use made of the personal data. The user is informed in detail of the essential circumstances related to this use, and the security measures applied to your personal data, so that unauthorized third parties cannot access them.


Kabul in its website adheres to all the technical means in its reach to avoid the loss, poor use, alteration, unauthorized access and the theft of the data and information that you may provide Kabul with through this portal, without prejudice to the fact that the security measures on Internet are not unassailable.


The user undertakes to use the services of the portal in agreement with the terms expressed in this legal advice and warning and simply using the same means that the user accepts this warning and advice.

The user that acts against or harms the image, good name and standing or reputation of Kabul, or anybody else who uses illicitly or fraudulently the designs, logos or contents of the portal, shall be responsible before Kabul for their acts.


The incorrect use of the portal: KABUL has created the portal in order to facilitate the access to its services, but it is unable to control the use of the same in ways that are not foreseen in this legal advice and warning; therefore, the access to the portal and the correct use of the information contained in the same are the responsibility of the person who carries out these acts; Kabul is not responsible for the incorrect, illicit or negligent use that the same may make of the portal or the contents.

Use of the contents: Kabul provides all the contents of its portal in good faith and shall make its best efforts so that the same are kept up-to-date and in force. Nevertheless, Kabul cannot and does not accept any responsibility in any way for the use or access made by any users out of the sphere managed by the portal, or for the consequences that could arise from the application of opinions put into practice, recommendations or studies which could be accessed through the portal. The final responsibility of this is always the users. In addition, Kabul will not be able to control the contents which Kabul itself has prepared, or the contents prepared by third parties commissioned by Kabul. Therefore Kabul is not responsible in any way for the harm that could be caused by the contents of third parties.

Publicity and advertising: Kabul shall include in its portal its own advertising and that of third parties which offer you products and services Kabul considers could be of your interest. However, Kabul cannot control the appearance of this publicity, or advertising, or the quality and suitability of these products and services. As a consequence, Kabul shall not be responsible for any harm that could be generated for the user for these causes.

Virus: Kabul undertakes to apply all the measures necessary so as to try to guarantee the user the absence of virus, worms, Trojan horses and similar elements on its portal. Nevertheless, these measures are not infallible and therefore Kabul cannot assure the complete absence of these harmful elements. As a consequence, Kabul shall not be responsible for the damage that the same could produce for the user.

Technical failures: Kabul has concluded all the contracts necessary to ensure the continuity of its portal and shall make its best efforts so that the same does not suffer any interruptions, but it cannot guarantee the absence of technological failures, or that the web be permanently available, or the products and services contained on it. As a consequence, Kabul does not accept any responsibility or liability for the harm, damage or prejudice that could arise from the lack of availability and failure in access occasioned by dis-connection, breakdown, overloading or the net going down, when it is not the fault of Kabul.

Information exchange: the portal contains certain zones thought up so that the different users can share their experiences and encourage the exchange of information. However, Kabul only acts as a meeting point in these forums and does not control expressions and declarations made at the same. Therefore Kabul does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for the veracity or relevance of the manifestations made in these forums by the users.


Both the design of the portal and its source codes, logos, brands and other distinctive signs that appear on the same belong to Kabul or collaborating entities, and are protected by the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights.

Its use reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation or any similar activity is totally forbidden, except with the written authorization from Kabul.

The contents of the portal are protected in the same way by Kabul’s intellectual property rights or those of third parties. The use of the contents prepared by Kabul for any of the Group entities shall only be permitted in the field of the contractual relationship with the same or with the said entities.

Kabul declares that it respects the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties, and therefore if you believe this site could violate those rights, we would ask you to contact us at Kabul at the following e-mail address: info@kabul.es


The law applicable in case of dispute, conflict as to the interpretation of the terms that make up this legal advice and warning, as well as any question related to the products and services of this portal, shall be submitted to Spanish law, except for the rules for the protection of users establishing the application of different legislation.

For the resolving of any conflict that could arise from the visiting of the portal or from the use and purchasing of the products and services that are offered through it, Kabul and the user agree to submit to the judges and tribunals of the province of the official legal address of the user, provided that the same is situated in Spain or any other jurisdiction the application of which is imposed by the rules for the protection of consumers and users.