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Fancy teaming your tipple with some jaw-dropping vistas? These are the best rooftop bars in Barcelona for sunset sipping.     Of all the travel experiences waiting out there in the big wide world, ‘sipping cocktails on a rooftop bar in Barcelona as the sun sets in the distance’ has to be right up near the top. The very thought of it is enough to draw wistful sighs and excessive daydreaming. Europe doesn’t get much more romantic than this.   1.The Pulitzer Terrace at Hotel Pulitzer : Carrer de Bergara,8 , 08002, Barcelona Only a stone's throw away from Barcelona's busiest square, Plaça Catalunya, this urban garden is the perfect place to kick back and relax on a temperature-friendly night. Sip a sweet cocktail while enjoying the tropical paradise around you,

There are not a few places to visit in Catalonia that will leave you speechless. Fantastic landscapes of mountains and lakes in the Pyrenees, large metropolises like Barcelona, ​​towns that seem frozen in time, ancient archaeological sites or coves with turquoise waters hidden between cliffs are just some of the great attractions of this beautiful community. According to our experience and taking into account that to enjoy all these wonders you would need more than a month, we advise you to make several trips and getaways that will allow you to know the place with the tranquility it requires and thus take the best of memories with you.   The best way to visit all its tourist attractions is by car, since this will allow you to save

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